This is just the beginning...

It may be cold and snowing outside in the frozen world of the Midwest right now but we've already been busy planning our run around Lake Superior for quite some time. It's hard for us to believe that this project has been something that we have been talking about since last January. What began as a collective daydream around a table at the South Shore Brewery in Ashland, WI has now become something much more real. The project has already seen many ideas come and go (and will probably continue to) but we are more than excited to finally be sharing our plans with all of you!

The impetus for this project has stemmed from our personal experiences with the lake. Whether any of us tried to or not, we have all fallen in love with it and our relationship to one another has grown through experiences and adventures around this body of water. This run is rooted in our desire to grow closer to it and to try and offer something back.

This blog will contain photographs, videos and a variety of words from our travels. We will be meeting with all sorts of folks who live around the lake to document stories of both growth and struggle at a personal and community level. By listening to these voices we hope to collect a powerful series of stories that showcase both what the lake means to those who experience it daily and to show what's at stake for those who may be confronting threats to the places they love, live in and rely on. Throughout the past several years we have learned from countless people who call Lake Superior their home, including farmers, professors, tribal members, chaplains, activists, musicians, artists, fellow students and community leaders. We hope to meet so many more.

For our next blog post we feel it necessary to acknowledge our privilege in the creation and execution of this project. Stay tuned!